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Delphine Brooks - The Farmyard Collection - Daisy Cow

Pre-Order -Lewis and Irene's - The Farmyard Collection by Delphine Brooks    Hamish Highland Cow Panel
Price will be $14.99
Pre-Sale Price will be $12.00 + reservation fee per yard

Expected to Ship September 2023

Lewis and Irene's - The Farmyard Collection by Delphine Brooks     Daisy Cow Panel

Delphine Brooks is a textile artist and designer from Warwickshire in the UK. Her journey has taken her from studying fine art to discovering a passion for all things textiles.

Lewis & Irene are delighted to be collaborating with Delphine Brooks in this first series of digitally printed panels. With a farmyard theme this satisfies their love of country life and the panels look stunning as a wall hanging or made into cushions. There are lots of possibilities!

All of the fabric required is printed on each individual panel as well as the main piece to ‘fill’ with the fabric as desired. Comprehensive instructions are also written on each of the panels along with an